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Zurich – Bern in 15 Minutes


  • silent
  • invisible
  • energy-efficient
  • every 6 minutes

The demand for mobility is constantly increasing. At the same time the call for sustainability is getting louder. Everywhere investments flow into new technologies, in order to be able to supply the want for mobility in the future. Many studies have shown that the ecologically sustaibnable Swissmetro is technically feasible and that it makes sense from a macreconomic point of view.

Unfortunately, there is not enough political will to go ahead with this project. So a far-advanced technology of and for the next generation remains in the drawer. More than ever do we need the courage to think beyond the next economic recovery; for the future begins today. That is why Pro Swissmetro stands up for this visionary project. We are happy that you are also taking an interest in Swissmetro.